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What is the pind StickPad?

The pind StickPad is a multifunctional,​ sticky mat, which allows you to stick almost anything, anywhere. It holds on pretty much all flat surfaces like plastic, glass or metal. We just recommend to not use it on wood on any surfaces that could be damaged. 

Does it loose its stickiness? 

It depends. At the start, the pind StickPad might actually be a bit to sticky for your liking. Once it gets a bit dusty, it looses some of its stickiness. However, you will be able to restore it by washing it off with water. In the first place, the product was designed to stick an external hard drive to the back of a computer. With that use case, the pind StickPad stays extremely sticky for a very long period of time. If you for example use it in your car, we recommend you to leave the protection foil on when not using it. This way, a long lifetime can be ensured. 

What are the dimensions?

The mats are 12,7cm x 7,8cm. If needed, they can be cut easily and if you have something like a tablet, that is larger than the mat you can still attach it.



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