About us

We started creating the pind StickPad in 2018. The idea was to create a high quality product, that allows you to stick an external hard drive to the back of a laptop. 

At the start, our founder Alex tried to make the project happen on his own. However he soon realised that having a team is incredibly beneficial and asked his friends Anna, Chris and Michael to join. 

Having such a great team allows us to get better every single day and to offer our customers the best service possible. Each team member has his own range of tasks, so everyone can use his individual strengths to reach our objectives.

After several months of planning, research, testing and making changes, we can say that we are extremely happy with how the pind StickPad turned out. 

It is now not only the best product to stick your external drive to your laptop but also has uncountable additional use cases!

Thanks for checking it out, have a good day!

Your pind team.